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Admission Application Procedure

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Section 1 - Introduction

Purpose and Parent Policy

(1) This procedure outlines the steps taken by the Admissions Office to collect, verify and assess evidence provided by applicants against the entry criteria and person specification requirements.
This procedure will result in a judgement as to whether an applicant meets the programme entry requirements.
This procedure implements the Admissions Policy.


Applicant Responsibilities

(2) The applicant is responsible for informing themselves about the programme, the entry criteria and the workload required to complete the programme, as well as the fees and associated terms and conditions. 

(3) The applicant is responsible for providing verifiable evidence that they meet all the entry criteria.

(4) The applicant is responsible for making themselves available to be contacted by the College in relation to their application.

Staff Responsibilities

(5) The Registrar is responsible for ensuring that entry procedures are fair and for ensuring that equality of opportunity is extended to all applicants. 

(6) The Admissions Office, in consultation with the Head of School/Programme Director, is responsible for providing clear, up-to-date and accurate information about the application process and deadlines for admission to the programme.

(7) The Admissions Office is responsible for the publication of an online application form. 

(8) The Admissions Office is responsible for maintaining a secure record of all applications. 

(9) The Admissions Office or nominee is responsible for assessing applications.

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Section 2 - Procedure

Part A - Application Procedure

Publication of Application Forms

(10) The Admissions Office publishes an application form online with information about the application process, deadlines for each intake of students and guidance on completing the form.

Completing Application

(11) The applicant completes the application form and provides the supporting documentation as evidence of attainment of the entry criteria. 

(12) If they wish to, the applicant includes information on any additional reasonable accommodations they may require.

(13) The applicant pays the application fee. 


(14) The Admissions Office keeps a secure record of all applications, in accordance with the Personal Data and Records Policy.

Assessment of the Application

(15) The Admissions Office uses the following criteria in assessing an application: 

  1. Completeness (Where an application is deemed incomplete, applicants may be invited to supply additional evidence or information in order to complete their application.)
  2. Accuracy and authenticity
  3. Evidence that the entry criteria are met

Outcome of the Application Procedure

(16) Where an application is complete, accurate, authentic and there is evidence that the entry criteria are met, the Admissions Office informs the applicant that their application will be progressed to interview stage.

(17) Where the application is deemed ineligible, the Admissions Office informs the applicant in writing.

Repeat Applications

(18) The applicant has a right to make repeat applications to the College as laid out in the Admissions Policy.