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Academic Impropriety Investigation in a Formal Examination Procedure

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Section 1 - Introduction

Purpose and Parent Policy

(1) This procedure sets out the steps to be taken in the event of suspected academic impropriety in a formal examination. The Academic Good Practice Policy is the parent policy. 


Student Responsibilities

(2) Where academic impropriety is suspected in a formal examination, the student must cooperate with the investigation and provide any necessary evidence or supporting documentation.

Staff Responsibilities

(3) The Registrar is responsible for the implementation of this procedure.

(4) During examinations, the Chief Invigilator is responsible for the initiation of the procedure.

Faculty Responsibilities

(5) The Programme Director, or nominee, is responsible for the investigation of academic impropriety in the first instance. 

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Section 2 - Procedure

Part A - Procedure for Investigation and Determination of Academic Impropriety in a Formal Examination

Suspected Academic Impropriety: Initial Steps

(6) If suspected, the matter is drawn, as soon as is practicable, to the attention of the Chief Invigilator.

(7) The Chief Invigilator records all steps of the investigation on a relevant form.


(8) The student is escorted from the examination centre by the Chief Invigilator and another Invigilator who acts as a witness.

(9) The student is informed that they are suspected of academic impropriety and asked to respond.

(10) The student is asked to surrender any materials which may constitute evidence of academic impropriety in the view of the Chief Invigilator.

Student Response

(11) The student’s response is recorded.

Continuing the Examination

(12) Where possible, the student is permitted to complete the examination, unless:

  1. To do so would disrupt the conduct of the examination
  2. The student does not wish to continue the exam, notwithstanding the standard rules for the examination

(13) The student’s exam script is collected and corrected normally, pending a decision by the Registrar.

Report to the Registrar

(14) The Chief Invigilator forwards their report to the Registrar, who will determine whether a disciplinary procedure should take place.

(15) Where the Registrar deems the matter to be grave, a Discipline Committee is convened in line with the central procedure in the Academic Impropriety Investigation in Coursework Procedure, adapting what needs to be adapted to accommodate this procedure.