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Student Initiated Withdrawals Procedure

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Section 1 - Introduction

Purpose and Parent Policy

(1) This procedure outlines the steps by which the College may deem a student withdrawn from their programme under the Withdrawal from Studies Policy.


Student Responsibilities

(2) Students are responsible for familiarising themselves with the policies, procedures and regulations for their programme. 

(3) Students are also responsible for all consequences of withdrawal

College Responsibilities

(4) The Registrar has responsibility for implementing the procedure for withdrawals in consultation with the Head of School/Programme Director and with the support of the Head of Student Affairs, as required.

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Section 2 - Procedure

Part A - Processing the Student Initiated Withdrawals Procedure


(5) The student notifies the College of an intention to withdraw in writing to the Department of the Registrar.


(6) The Registrar, or nominee, acknowledges the student’s notification in writing, noting the:

  1. Student’s intention to withdraw
  2. Date by which the withdrawal will come into effect (this is normally five working days after notification to the College)
  3. Consequences of withdrawal in respect of rights and entitlements
  4. Student’s entitlement to credit for any completed modules, pending a decision of the Board of Examiners

Change of Mind

(7) Unless the student contacts the College before the date that the withdrawal comes into effect to indicate a change of mind, the College proceeds to withdraw the student.


(8) The Registrar, or nominee, withdraws the student from their programme, revoking all access rights and entitlements to the programme and College services.

(9) The Registrar, or nominee, notifies all relevant College departments of the student’s withdrawal.