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Assisting Failing Students to Exit Programmes Procedure

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Section 1 - INTRODUCTION  

Purpose and Parent Policy  

(1) This procedure is to assist students, who are unsuccessful in completing a programme. Students will be exited from the programme with academic credit due in respect of modules completed under the Access, Transfer and Progression Policy.   


Student Responsibilities  

(2) Students are required to communicate clearly and honestly with the College in respect of all their circumstances.  

Staff and Faculty Responsibilities  

(3) Staff and Faculty are required to communicate in a timely manner in respect of students for whom this procedure is relevant.  

Department of the Registrar  

(4) The Registrar, or their nominee, is responsible for implementing this procedure in liaison with the Programme Director, or their nominee.  

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Section 2 - Procedure  

Part A - Exiting a Programme Due to Failure of Modular Assessment(s)  

(5) Where a student exhausted all repeat opportunities available on an assessment, that student can no longer graduate from the programme.   

College Communication  

(6) Once the window for appeal has closed,  The Registrar or nominee, writes to the student in order to advise them of the following:  

  1. That they will not be able to graduate from their programme.  
  2. That they are entitled to academic credit for any modules that they have completed.  
  3. The modules which have been started and that they have an entitlement to complete. 
    1. A student may complete modules started from the programme that they have started in line with standard programme requirements, e.g. excluding completion of placements, but on the clear understanding that they cannot complete the programme itself.
  4. Any other options or information to support the student in exiting the programme
  5. Whether they can exit the programme with an exit or embedded award.  

Student Options  

(7) Where a student receives this communication, the student has the following options:  

  1. To accept the transfer to the programme of an exit award, where such an award is available.  
  2. To complete modules from the programme in line with standard programme requirements but on the clear understanding that they cannot complete the programme itself and that graduation from the programme is not possible.  
  3. To withdraw immediately from further study on the programme.  

Non-Communication: Withdrawal  

(8) Where a student does not respond to a communication from the Department of the Registrar within 5 working days from its issue, the student will be deemed to have withdrawn from the programme. The College Initiated Withdrawals Due to Non-Engagement Procedure will then apply.