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Admission Interviews Procedure

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Section 1 - Introduction

Purpose and Parent Policy

(1) This procedure outlines the steps by which an applicant who has successfully completed the Admission Application Procedure is interviewed by the College with a view to determining their suitability for admission to a programme. This forms part of the overall application process. This procedure implements the Admissions Policy.


Applicant Responsibilities

(2) The applicant is responsible for verifying their identity by providing valid photographic ID, that is either a passport or a driving licence when they present for interview.

(3) The applicant is responsible for their presentation and performance at interview. 

Staff Responsibilities

(4) The Admissions Office is responsible for providing the applicant with logistical and practical information about the interview process.

(5)  The Admissions Office, in consultation with the relevant Programme Director or nominee, is responsible for selecting a competent, knowledgeable and independent interview panel. 

(6) The Admissions Office is responsible for ensuring that all interviews are digitally recorded.

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Section 2 - Procedure

Part A - Procedure for Interview

Interview Panel Selection

(7) The Admissions Office will select a minimum of two suitable interviewers from a panel that is appointed, trained and maintained by the College. 

(8) The interviewers are selected with the aim of ensuring the following criteria: 

  1. Competence: determined by professional practice and work experience
  2. Independence: interviewers are required to declare any conflicts of interest and are re-assigned as required
  3. Gender balance: to the extent that this is possible


(9) Applicants are invited to an interview by the Admissions Office. 

(10) When an applicant accepts an invitation to interview, they are provided with logistical and practical information about the interview procedure in the interview invitation.

(11) When an applicant refuses an invitation to interview, and reasonable attempts have been made to accommodate applicant requests, their application will be cancelled.

(12) When an applicant has a non-excused absence from their scheduled interview, their application will be cancelled.

(13) Applicants are provided with topics, to be addressed in their interview, in their interview invitation to aid preparation.

Identity Verification

(14) Upon arrival at the interview, the applicant will verify their identity by presenting a valid photographic ID that is either a passport or a driving licence.

Recording of Interviews

(15) All interviews are digitally recorded.

(16) All interview data is managed in accordance with the Personal Data and Records Policy.

Interview Questions and Assessment

(17) The interview is competency based and is conducted using a rotating bank of interview questions under appropriate headings, which may include:

  1. Personal skills
  2. Familiarity with the prospective field of study
  3. Familiarity with, and motivation to join, the profession in question
  4. Competency in the Irish language, where relevant

(18) The interview is assessed using a scoring matrix and specified grading criteria usually resulting in an overall interview score. An individual component score may be applied in some instances.


(19) On completion of the interview process, the panel can make the following recommendations:

  1. Recommended: The applicant demonstrates the required competencies at interview.
  2. Not recommended: The applicant did not demonstrate the required competencies at interview.
  3. If the interviewers are unsure as to whether or not to recommend an offer: They will consult with the Programme Director or nominee, who will make the final decision.

Outcomes of the Interview Process

(20) Following the completion of the Admission Interviews Procedure, applications that are recommended will progress to the next stage of the admissions process or, where relevant,  the Admission Offers Procedure applies.