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Grade Moderation Procedure

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Section 1 - Introduction

Purpose and Parent Policy

(1) This procedure outlines the steps for ensuring that grading is consistently and correctly performed by moderating the grades awarded by Assessors under the Assessment, Grading and Certification Policy


Faculty Responsibilities

(2) The Head of School/Programme Director or nominee, in consultation with the relevant Assessors and Grade Moderators, is responsible for implementing the procedure for grade moderation. 

Staff Responsibilities

(3) Staff on the Programme Team who collect and store grades are responsible for selecting grades for moderation.

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Section 2 - Procedure

Part A - Procedure for Grade Moderation

Appointment of Grade Moderators

(4) Experienced, competent Assessors are appointed as Grade Moderators. 

(5) The Grade Moderator for a particular set of grades should have had no prior involvement in making academic judgement for the relevant pieces of student effort.


(6) Following grading in line with the Grading Student Effort Procedure, the Programme Team takes a sample of the grades for moderation.

(7) This sample group should include: 

  1. Any borderline grades
  2. Any fail grades
  3. A random sample from within each grade band

Grade Moderation

(8) Grade moderation takes place in line with the Assessment, Grading and Certification Policy.

(9) Grade Moderators review the application of the marking scheme against the student effort by the original Assessor to ensure consistent and fair assessment.

(10) Grade Moderators submit a report detailing any proposed adjustments to the grades selected for moderation along with detail of the extent to which they believe the grading scheme and criteria were correctly applied.

(11) Variation in grading between the Assessors and the Grade Moderator may be discussed between the two in an attempt to reach agreement. 

(12) Variation in grading may be discussed between the Grade Moderator and the Head of School/Programme Director or nominee to determine the final grade.

(13) The Head of School/Programme Director has the final decision on moderation of a grade, subject to the Board of Examiners.