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Regulations for Written Examinations

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Part A - Preparing for Examinations and Arriving at the Examination Hall 

(1) Each candidate should inform themselves of the dates, seats, times and venues of each examination. 

(2) Candidates must present themselves in the Examination Centre at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination but must not enter the examination hall until instructed to do so. 

(3) Candidates must leave the following items in the designated areas: bags, books, coats, mobile phones, answer books or any other unauthorised material.  All mobile phones and smart watches must be switched off and placed in your bags. You must not have them with you during the exam. 

(4) The use of electronic calculators will only be allowed when the course Tutor has granted permission for such use and has notified the Invigilators, through the Assessment and Awards Office.  

Note: All materials brought into an Examination Centre are subject to inspection by the Invigilators. 

Part B - Attendance During Examinations 

(5) Candidates are required, without exception, to present their student identity cards at all examinations.   

(6) Candidates are required to sign an attendance register for each examination. 

(7) All examinations will commence on time.   

(8) No extra time will be given to latecomers. 

(9) Any candidate who attends for an examination more than 30 minutes late may not be permitted to take the examination. If admitted to the examination, a ‘Late Attendance Form’ will be completed and handed into the Assessment and Awards Office by the Invigilator after the examination.   

(10) If a candidate finishes the examination in less than the time allowed, they may hand in their answer book(s) and leave the Examination Centre quietly unless it is 30 minutes before the end of the examination.   

(11) Candidates may not leave the Examination Centre within the first half hour of the commencement of the examination or within the last half hour of its conclusion. 

Note: Candidates may not be permitted to sit an examination without a valid identity card. 

Part C - Regulations During Examinations 

(12) During examinations, candidates must comply with the Invigilator's instructions.  

(13) Strict silence must be observed in the Examination Centre at all times. 

(14) Any candidate who wishes to leave the Examination Centre temporarily may do so only with the permission of, and if accompanied by, an Invigilator. Any unaccompanied departure from the Examination Centre during the course of an examination will cause the candidate to be disqualified. 

(15) At the end of the examination, each candidate will be asked to remain seated and silent until all answer books (including rough work and so on) are collected. No answer books may be removed from the Examination Centre. 

(16) It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that all answer books are handed to the Invigilator and that the front page of each one is fully completed with the candidate’s details, including student number, prior to the end of the examination. Additional time will not be allocated for this once the examination time is complete and the Chief Invigilator has instructed candidates that the examination is over. 

(17) A candidate must not remove any examination answer books, or part thereof, from the Examination Centre. 

(18) A candidate must not, under any pretext whatsoever, speak to nor have any communication with, any other candidate during the course of an examination. Any such communication will put the candidate at risk of disqualification.   

(19) A candidate found to have unauthorised materials in their possession in the Examination Centre, or during an accompanied absence from the examination, shall be deemed to be in breach of examination regulations and subject to disciplinary action. 

(20) Any written or printed materials other than the Hibernia College examination answer books shall be considered to be unauthorised materials. It is in each candidate’s own interest to ensure that any additional materials in their possession in the Examination Centre, other than the Hibernia College answer books, are authorised by the Invigilator prior to the commencement of the examination. 

Part D - Breach of Examination Regulations 

(21) When a candidate is found to be in breach of examination regulations, they will be allowed by the Invigilator to finish the examination.   

(22) The candidate concerned is required to contact the Assessment and Awards Manager as soon as possible after the examination to discuss the incident. If, following this discussion, the Assessment and Awards Manager concludes that the candidate has committed an academic misconduct, the case will be referred to the College Registrar, who will determine whether a disciplinary procedure should take place.  

(23) Where the Registrar deems the matter to be grave, a Discipline Committee is convened.