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Following is a master list (in alphabetical order, by title) of all policies, procedures and guidelines contained in the Hibernia College Quality Framework. Jump to the relevant part of the alphabet by clicking an alphabetical character in the fast find index below.  Each alphabetic grouping of documents is headed with the relevant letter of the alphabet, next to which you will find a "view summary descriptions" link.  If you are not sure you have found the right policy, click this link to view the summary descriptions.  These may help you determine if the document is the one you are after.

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  • Change of Personal Details ProcedureThis procedure supports Hibernia College’s commitment to ensuring that student and alumni records are retained in accordance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 " 2018 (the Acts”) and the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).
  • College Initiated Withdrawals Due to Non-Engagement ProcedureThe procedure outlines the steps by which the College may deem a student withdrawn from their programme, under the Withdrawal from Studies Policy.
  • Corporate Governance CodeThis Corporate Governance Code is a key document in the governance infrastructure of Hibernia College Unlimited.
  • Cyclical Review of Hibernia College - An Institutional Review PolicyThis policy sets out the principles and purposes surrounding the periodic review of Hibernia College and its activities, specifically the effectiveness of its quality assurance policies and procedures.
    This is known as a Cyclical Review and is frequently referred to as an Institutional Review.
  • Cyclical Review ProcedureAs a provider of Quality and Qualifications Ireland State awards, Hibernia College is subject to cyclical external review, which is typically known as an institutional review. This document summarises the internal steps Hibernia College takes in preparation for an external review of the College as a whole.