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  • Academic Board Terms of ReferenceThe Academic Board is the primary decision-making body in Hibernia College for all academic matters.
  • Academic Good Practice PolicyThe purpose of this policy is to establish standards for the ethical conduct of academic work, to establish parameters for the detection and investigation of instances of academic impropriety, and to set penalties for those found to have engaged in academic impropriety.
  • Academic Impropriety Investigation in a Formal Examination ProcedureThis procedure sets out the steps to be taken in the event of suspected academic impropriety in a formal examination.
  • Academic Impropriety Investigation in Coursework ProcedureThis procedure sets out the steps to be taken in the event of the detection of suspected academic impropriety outside of a formal examination context.
  • Acceptable Use of ICT PolicyThe purpose of this policy is to set out the requirements for responsible and appropriate use of Hibernia College’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) resources.
  • Access, Transfer and Progression PolicyThis policy sets out Hibernia College’s approach to Access, Transfer and Progression (ATP), ensuring inclusivity and equality of opportunity for our prospective and current students and alumni.
  • Admission Application ProcedureThis procedure outlines the steps taken by the Admissions Office to collect, verify and assess evidence provided by applicants against the entry criteria and person specification requirements. This procedure will result in a judgement as to whether an applicant meets the programme entry requirements.
  • Admission Interviews ProcedureThis procedure outlines the steps by which an applicant who has successfully completed the Applications Procedure is interviewed by the College, with a view to determining their suitability for admission to a programme.
  • Admission Offers ProcedureThis procedure outlines the steps by which offers of places on programmes are extended to applicants following completion of the Procedure for Admission Interviews under the Admissions Policy.
  • Admissions PolicyThe evaluation of applicants and the enrolment of prospective students as registered students from the first stage of the Hibernia College student life cycle including recruitment, application, and entry criteria. The Policy sets out the overarching principles adopted by Hibernia College and underpins all procedures relevant to the admissions process.
  • Appealing a College Decision ProcedureThis procedure sets out the steps for an appeal of a decision of a decision-making body under the Appeals Policy.
  • Appeals of Decisions on Evidence Excusing Non-Engagement ProcedureThis procedure sets out the steps required for a student to appeal a decision of a Head of School or Academic Lead not to accept a student’s evidence excusing non-engagement under the Withdrawal from Studies Policy and the Policy for Appeals Policy.
  • Appeals PolicyThis policy sets out the principles, circumstances, grounds and possible outcomes of an appeal by a student against a decision made by the College as specified.
  • Approval, Monitoring and Review of Venues ProcedureThis procedure ensures that all on-site facilities used by the College, or a collaborating partner, for teaching, learning and assessment are fit for purpose and satisfy the minimum standard requirements of the College.
  • Assessment, Grading and Certification PolicyThis policy sets out the College’s approach to assessing students and the principles for assessing and grading student effort. It also sets out the context for assessment in Hibernia College and for the maintenance of academic standards. Lastly, it sets out policy for the certification of learning in Hibernia College.
  • Assisting Failing Students to Exit Programmes ProcedureThis procedure is to assist students who are unable to successfully complete a programme in full to exit with any academic credit due in respect of modules completed under the Access, Transfer and Progression Policy.