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Following is a master list (in alphabetical order, by title) of all policies, procedures and guidelines contained in the Hibernia College Quality Framework. Jump to the relevant part of the alphabet by clicking an alphabetical character in the fast find index below.  Each alphabetic grouping of documents is headed with the relevant letter of the alphabet, next to which you will find a "view summary descriptions" link.  If you are not sure you have found the right policy, click this link to view the summary descriptions.  These may help you determine if the document is the one you are after.

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  • Student CharterThe Student Charter provides a framework that allows Hibernia College’s staff, faculty, extended academic community and student body to collaborate, innovate and thrive in an environment of mutual respect and structured support.
  • Student Complaints Investigation ProcedureThis procedure outlines the steps required for a student to raise a complaint with the College under the Policy for Student Complaints.
  • Student Complaints PolicyThis policy has been created in recognition of people’s right to express a complaint in the event that they feel they have been mistreated or disadvantaged as a result of the College’s provision of programmes or services or the behaviour or actions of members of College staff, faculty, adjunct faculty, or the student body.
  • Student Initiated Withdrawals ProcedureThis procedure outlines the steps by which the College may deem a student withdrawn from their programme under the Withdrawal from Studies Policy.
  • Student Support PolicyHibernia College is committed to providing support to all students to enhance their journey and to afford them the best possible chance to complete their programme of study successfully. This policy sets out the principles for student support within Hibernia College.